About Us

UBSWE (Uday Bhav Scoiety for Women Empowerment) is an organization working on women empowerment with a holistic approach which includes the necessary activities required from creating awareness to the practice of gained awareness in a life of woman.

We partner with local projects in and aorund Gwalior city that primarily support women and girls, acting as a platform to end lack of awarness in daily and normal life routines and obviously in education. We are trying to improve wellbeing across families and communities. In practice, this means helping school children, health workers and others in need to get the training and skills required to raise themselves, their families and their communities out of poverty and helplessness for good. Our project's focus is on women and children education, health and self-employment, but we are trying to grow big so that we can offer assistance to anyone regardless of race, or religion.

Women empowerment infact refers to the creation of an environment for women where they can make decisios of their own for their personal benefits as well as for the society. We're working towards a world where:

  • Women and girls are empowered to make a better life.
  • Stable families are valued as a basic support system and the root of communities
  • Development is not translated as the imposition of western values
  • Ending poverty and illiteracy are about people's lives not just for statistics
  • Self-reliance, education and self-employment are the keys to ending poverty effectively.
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    Upcoming events

    Get yourself enrolled for Be Bold For Change Intenational Women's Day 2017 event.
    Mini Marathon
    Spiritual Education Workshop

    Prisoner Rights Workshop